Research has shown over the years that when hypnosis is used for natural child birthing, the average length of labour is decreased. It also lowered the cesarean rate and the possible use of epidurals. It also has been reported to lessen the likelihood of postpartum depression.

Mothers have reported having greater satisfaction, comfort and a better sense of control or focus during the labour process.

With a unique technique that was brought forward by Dr. Victor Rausch, I will teach you how to deeply focus on you, your baby and deepen the experience of this wonderful miracle within you.

Whether you are working with a Midwife, a Doula, a Naturopath, your partner or alone, this amazing technique will aid you in staying in control. 

In some sessions, women can find that they have fears or issues that can influence how they feel about birthing. These can be greatly decreased, if not overcome, during a hypnosis session. 

I offer private Hypnosis for Birthing sessions during the day and some Saturdays. The cost is $375.00 for 5 sessions. Single sessions are $95.00. 

​Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length.

Darlene Hewitt 416 357 3934