Hatha ​Yoga:

Hatha Yoga is the original 5,000 year old technique from India that was at one time a medical practice. Today, we know of it as a great form of exercise and as an excellent way of releasing the stress of day to day life. Whether one is under the age of 12 and learning to control the body, or middle aged and wanting to build muscle, or is at the age where one wants to continue to age gracefully, Hatha Yoga covers it all.

Chair Yoga Classes

Monday's 10-11am

St. Olave's Church 

360 Windermere Avenue (at Bloor)

Basement- Ethel Brown Room

Chair lift provided (arrive a bit early if you need the lift)

Free parking

Cost: $15 per class

1 Month: $30

12 Week Package: $90

Suitable for all levels 

Walk-ins welcome


Yoga for Weight Loss with Weight Loss Hypnosis!!

I have decided it's high time to combine my two favourite modalities to make one powerful session!

This session starts with approximately 40 minutes of Hatha Yoga and then we delve into the subconscious with Hypnosis for Weight Loss with mindful/healthy suggestions which takes us to the hour.

Each class is for every level of fitness.
Age: 18+ (for this series only)

Tailor a class to suit your needs.

Try a Hatha Yoga class with either meditation or stress reduction hypnosis, or weight loss hypnosis. The possibilities are endless!

Private Classes: 1 hour
Cost: $45 per class
         $175 series of 6 
Groups of 3 or more: $129 series of 6 (per person) 

You will need a yoga mat and blanket!

Call today to book in!

Jai ho!
Yogini Darlene CH NLP CBC 

​416 357 3934